Data loggers


A GPS logger simply logs the position of the device at regular intervals in its internal memory. Modern GPS loggers have either a memory card slot, or internal flash memory and a USB port to act as a USB flash drive. This allows easy downloading of the data for further analysis in a computer.

These kind of devices are most suited for use by sport enthusiasts: They carry it while practising an outdoors sport, e.g. jogging or backpacking. When they return home, they download the data to a computer, to calculate the length and duration of the trip, or to overimpose their paths over a map with the aid of GIS software. GPS devices are also integral tools in geocaching.

In the sport of gliding, competitors are sent to fly over closed circuit tasks of hundreds of kilometres. GPS loggers are used to prove that the competitors completed the task and stayed away from controlled airspace. The data stored over many hours in the loggers is downloaded after the flight is completed and is analysed by computing the start and finish times so determining the fastest competitors.


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