Countermeasures against GPS trackers


The consumer electronics market was quick to offer remedies (radar detectors) to radar guns; a similar market may exist for devices to counter satellite tracking devices. Radio jamming of the relevant GPS or cell phone frequencies would be an option, as would a device which could detect the RF emissions of the GPS receiver circuitry. Though jamming of GPS signals could create a safety hazard to vehicles or aircraft within line of sight of the jammer and any deliberate radio interference is likely to be illegal in most western countries.

Besides this, jamming the transmission frequency of an industrial grade GPS transmitter would only work temporarily because most of them use a “store and forward” procedure to store up points that were not received and transmit them again later. This capability is built-in so tracked vehicles don’t lose data when they are out of cellular range temporarily. Jamming the actual GPS frequency, however, would result in the GPS transmitter simply thinking it had lost sight of the satellites.


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